What Happens Now That Blackstone Group Owns Both Universal Studios and SeaWorld

Let me catch you up to speed what is going on right now in the Orlando travel industry. The Blackstone Group, which is majority owner of Universal Studios, just recently purchased Sea World from The Inbev Corporation. Now speculation is running wild throughout Orlando with everybody trying to guess what changes are going to take place.
Let me start off by saying, I have no real knowledge as to what is really going to happen, but I have owned my own Orlando travel business since 1997. I really do not think you are going to see major changes. The two theme parks will continue to run separately with the goals of trying to increase attendance, and continue to try to have guests spend more when they are at the parks. Both parks are exceptional, and both parks have a huge following.
The few changes I do see happening are: 1) Ticket Specials- I do expect to see a combo ticket to allow guests to visit both Sea World and Universal Studios Orlando, and you will also probably see shuttle buses taking guests to and from the parks. 2) Combined Marketing- Universal and Sea World are probably going to work more closely together on their marketing, and this is going to benefit both parks enormously. 3) Bigger Market Share- With Universal Studios and Sea World teaming up they are going to grab more of the market share from Disney. Why? Simple, with Sea World and Universal Studios working as a team, they are going to be able to offer the guests more options at a cheaper price.
All in all, there is not many changes that are going to take place within the two theme parks day to day operations. However, the real winners are the people who work in the travel business. With Universal Studios about to come out with their new Harry Potter theme park, and Sea World joining their team this is going to put pressure on Disney World to step up their game.
Changes! Yes, it can be stressful but it is also entertaining and exciting!

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