The Route To Becoming a Bookkeeper

This article discusses the role of a bookkeeper and the steps involved in becoming a bookkeeper.
So, what exactly is a bookkeeper? A bookkeeper’s role is to manage and record a companies’ financial records, they will often do this on a daily basis. They will use various programmes to do this, but the most important aspect of their role is to ensure that all the financial data, is recorded accurately and in the correct format. They must ensure that all of the money that comes into and out of the company is recorded. This has to comply with all of the current regulations.
In addition to these tasks the bookkeeper should also ensure that payroll is prepared on a monthly or weekly basis, depending on the companies’ specific poilicy. They may also be asked to create ‘tax reports’ which should include information on profit and lost cash flow.
Some people are often confused between the role of a bookkeeper and an accountant. The difference between the two is that an accountant will have acquired specific qualifications and certifications after undergoing specific training. There are also exams that are available for bookkeepers too, and many different bookkeeping qualifications that can be taken for those wishing to further their learning. Bookkeeping qualifications are really flexible so they can be undertaken at home or at one of many accredited centres.
If you are looking to subscribe to a bookkeeping course then you can search online. Many courses are ‘certified’ for those looking to become a ‘certified bookkeeper’. Those who choose this option will find that they hold an ‘advantage’ over their competitors which will prove very useful when they come to look for a job. In today’s very competitive working world it’s essential that you can do as much as possible to ensure that you have an edge over any other candidates that may be applying for the same role as you.
After completing your bookkeeping course there will be an exam at the end, and you’ll be able to undertake this at many different centres across the country and across the world. If you would like to find out more about becoming an accredited bookkeeper then you may want to get in contact with your ‘regulated bookkeeping body’ who will offer you advice and further information. You will also be able to find out further information about the qualification timetable so that you can start planning for your career ahead.

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