Small Business Insurance Quote – Automobile Insurance

A Small Business Insurance Quote along with an automobile insurance policy will normally complete your insurance program. We have outlined below a few key points that you should consider when requesting an insurance policy.

Liability limits. Depending on your business, you should have the appropriate liability limits based upon your exposure to claims or accidents. Thus, if you are in some sort of delivery type business the chances are that you will be more likely to have automobile accident than someone who is not in a delivery type business. Also, if you are part of a franchise usually your franchisor will dictate what liability limits you need.

Hired/borrowed auto liability. Sometimes you might find it necessary to rent a truck or a van for your business. Having this coverage already on your policy can save you a lot of money from not having to buy auto coverage from the rental car agency. Although, if you tend to rent vehicles routinely many automobile insurance companies frown upon providing coverage for this exposure. The automobile insurance premium for this coverage is usually based upon receipts.

Non-owned auto liability. If you have someone who uses their personal vehicle on your behalf, this coverage you should be in place to protect your small business. The rule of thumb to remember is that insurance follows the car first and the driver second. So, if somebody is using a personal vehicle on your behalf and get into an accident, their personal auto insurance will pay first. It is quite possible that you too will be sued in the accident because they were working on your behalf. This coverage protects you from those kinds of claims.

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As you can see, and automobile insurance policy can easily round out your small business insurance program.