Phone System for Small Business

If you run a small business you may or may not know the advantages of a good phone system. You might tell yourself that you don’t really need it because of the extravagant costs that are involved. If you haven’t shopped around lately to see what new services are available, you may be surprised in what you find. A PBX telephone system is extremely expensive and should only be used by larger companies who can afford the better technology. However, now there is hosted PBX, or Internet PBX, depending on the term you like best.
All you need for hosted PBX service is a broadband Internet connection. If you have high speed internet or can get high speed internet, you are ready to experience all of the benefits of a VOIP phone service for your business. In fact, you will be amazed at what these services can do.
The first great feature is an auto receptionist. This will save you money from having to hire a receptionist and give your company the appearance of a large fortune 500 company. You record an interactive greeting and your customers can use a dial by name directory to find the person or department they are looking for. Many of the services out there allow you to customize so much, including letting customers hold for a particular extension or person.
Another great tool that a hosted PBX can provide is the ability to connect your system to any phone. You can have calls connected to an office phone, home phone, cell phone, or any phone. This allows you to do business while on the go. It also allows you to have your employees work from home, eliminating the expense of an office if you like.
Many virtual PBX systems also handle both calls and faxes, saving you the expense of a dedicated fax line. Faxes can be sent to your email in many cases also saving you an expense of an actual fax machine or fax machines if you have several employees.
One of the biggest advantages many of these services provide is the fact that customers will never get a busy signal. This creates the perception again of a very large company with sophisticated systems. It also appears that you have unlimited bandwidth when it comes to handling incoming calls. If you have a regular phone line busy signals can be a huge problem and cost you business. However with a small business phone system using your broadband Internet you will not have this problem.

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