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Wealth Creation: 10 Steps To Financial Freedom

From my research and study in the topic of building wealth, I have distilled all formulas and guidelines into 10 important principles. If you follow these simple principles and always think outside the box, you will be on the right path to achieve financial success and wealth that will last …

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Financial News

The Cost of Financial Security

Does buying your dream house assure you of financial security? Purchasing a house is a very good investment. Your acquisition may double or triple in value in no time. But, what if something unpredictable happens, like flood, fire or earthquake? Of course, nobody wants to think about it right after …

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Business Plan

Why You Need A Budget Excel Template

Improve your cash flow, stress, and relationships!
Using a Template to manage your Budget will improve your overall life as well as your cash flow significantly. But, why so many people still struggle trying to take control of money? In my opinion, they have bad habits; that’s it! The majority …

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What You Should Consider Before Buying a Franchise Business

Buying a Franchise Business is becoming increasingly popular, as thousands of people are leaving behind the shackles of office life and pursuing interests through greater self-responsibility. For those people still sitting behind their desk, glancing between the clock, their manager’s door, and the world outside, wondering if there might be …